Community Safe Residential Reentry
Community Safe Residential Reentry
New Name Ministries Community Safe Residential Reentry & The Last Resort Academy
New Name Ministries Community Safe Residential Reentry  &   The Last Resort Academy

A 'Frightening ' Myth About Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders and the Church


Starting a Residential Reentry/Aftercare Overview

Effective residential reentry is so important because it significantly reduces recidivism. Recidivism is a ten dollar word for new crimes, or better yet, and more importantly, new victims. So, if residential reentry for ex offenders reduces the probability of new victims of crime, we need to sit up and pay attention.


New Name has successfully served the Fort Worth, Texas community for a  decade with progressive excellence in sex offender only residential reentry. In that time, none of our graduates have been charged with a new sexual offense! There was a time we thought there was a difference between the needs of those reentering our communities with sex offense histories and other crimes. In truth, regardless of the nature of one's sin, it is the renewing of our minds and repentance that changes lives.


Knowledge doesn't guarantee understanding or success. Former inmates need guidance in daily living, direction for life and a Kingdom culture for learning how to make application of Biblical training.  Placing returning citizens in a supportive community that fosters accountability, responsibility and vision for the future has proven to be effective, even for those that society considers unchangeable.


New Name believes that the best standard for successful reentry of all returning citizens is God's principles for righteous living. We have a duplicatable working prototype for residential reentry of all ex offenders and are willing to assist others in developing the same.


The best mistakes to learn from are someone else’s; God knows we've made our share. Other's interested in doing it right the first time will benefit greatly from our lessons learned the hard way. We have all the policies, procedures, forms and initial training available for achieving victory in your own residential reentry for God’s chosen.



 Those called to start a residential reentry would be best served by investing a little money and time in MentorCare Ministries’ “Starting and Operating a Post-Prison Aftercare Facility” This step by step manual offers new comer’s extensive information for establishing a firm foundation that everyone involved will benefit from.


Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


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