Community Safe Residential Reentry
Community Safe Residential Reentry
New Name Ministries Community Safe Residential Reentry & The Last Resort Academy
New Name Ministries Community Safe Residential Reentry  &   The Last Resort Academy

A 'Frightening ' Myth About Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders and the Church


Donor Testimonies

We are so glad to be associated with New Name Ministries. They are one of the finest ministries we have ever partnered with, and are making an impact well beyond the city of Ft. Worth. Brother Jon is a true leader and inspires the men to live at a new level of honor and integrity. Ex-sex offenders learn at NNM that they don't have to walk through this life with their head down. Jesus has forgiven them, justified them, and even honored them, so they can live honorably. Even if society is against them, they still are given an excellent platform for a good future. Keep up the good work, NNM! --Steve & Karen Gordon

Dallas & Virginia Lynch in front of the Isaac House

In 2004 Jon founded New Name Ministries in Fort Worth. His leadership and sacrifice in residential reentry for former sex offenders has brought to Texas a unique and powerful tool for public safety that few would take on - but he has and he does. New Name Ministries' program is based on a culture of honor and uses stewardship as a means of exposing, proving, and developing sound character. Those who come to New Name enter a stable environment that assists with reorienting and equipping for the future. Those that have fulfilled their one-year commitments over the last seven years have not reoffended sexually. Reducing victims is vital, saving tax payers untold expense, an added bonus. New Name Ministries is unequaled in its benefits and successes.

--Dallas Lynch

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