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Community Safe Residential Reentry
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A 'Frightening ' Myth About Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders and the Church


Petition Statement


Who We Are

We are fathers and mothers, family and friends, acquaintances and bystanders afflicted with the consequences of sexual offending; either as direct or indirect victims and/or perpetrators, known and unknown.

We are the wounded and outcasts; the symptoms of a societal plague that is destroying the moral and spiritual foundation of our nation.

Where We Come From

Generations of immoral sexual secrecy along with decades of sexualizing ourselves and those around us have brought our nation into moral and spiritual collapse. This conflict has led us to the abandonment of God’s principles for marriage, family, self discipline and treatment of others.



We desire the stewards of this nation’s people to create a standard of protection for all concerned by honoring and validating the following:

The burden of sexual abuse secrecy, shame and fear needs to be lifted off the victims and families so that they can receive the counseling and support necessary to break the cycle of sexual abuse without ruining their life or the lives of their family.

The victims of sexual abuse need to be validated by being included in the justice system process when appropriate and receive adequate treatment at no cost.

Bring the destructive force of the existing sex offender laws into alignment with restorative justice principles that lead to accountability and restoration; God’s true justice.

Acknowledge and validate that the vast majority who have sexually offended can be successfully   treated and restored to our communities safely as law abiding and honorable citizens.

Create evidence based standardized sex offender treatment and risk assessment as well as balanced sex offenders laws and registration requirements that encourage change and hope for a future.

Require the truth, as validated by federally funded Government research, to be conveyed by the media regarding: rates of recidivism, ineffectiveness of residency and boundary restrictions and the actual degree of concern surrounding stranger danger crimes.



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