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Community Safe Residential Reentry
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Sex Offenders and the Church


Ft. Worth Housing

In June of 2005 we rented and opened our first home on Hemphill St. of Fort Worth. Three years later we we're bursting at the seams and rented another house. In November of 2009 we lost natural gas at our original rental which meant, no heat, hot water or cooking short of a microwave. Our landlord gave little attention to the problems at hand and we found ourselves asking God for wisdom. To our surprise, He led us to a lovely home to buy, and provided the finances to purchase as well as renovate it! We’ve all heard, “When God closes one door He opens another”. What most folks fail to realize is that it can be hell in the hallway! Nevertheless, we not only survived the hallway, we're thriving in His grace and favor.

Our new property being a duplex, we were able to consolidate both rentals into the one. Over time, we found ourselves facing a potential shortage of beds. In 2011 we expand into another duplex just a short mile away. This previous crack house was redeemed and now provides a home for the redeemed. 


Once again in by the middle of 2013, we found our projections for new arrivals outpacing our graduations. We began searching for another duplex as we have learned this serves our ministry model the best. We were very near closing on a deal for two duplexes when the Lord revealed not only some structural issues but also numerous liens that may have crippled this ministry financially had we moved forward.


Rescued from this pitfall, we continued our search. While driving back from looking at another duplex, we happened to notice two houses on one large lot for sale. They needed refurbishing and again, God took care of the finances.


There is so much need for specialized residential reentry homes. Our current homes are offered to committed single male Christian believers, yet we’re keenly aware of the vast number of pre-believers needing help too. We do not want to forget those challenged with MHMR issues, women, juveniles or those married and hoping to restore their marriages upon release.


We offer a duplicatable policies and procedures manual complete with forms to assist in the development of future successful residential reentries throughout our nation. If you feel called to open a facility, please check out our Reentry Development page.

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