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Community Safe Residential Reentry
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You have really been a example to me of the Father’s heart to all of us as you have worked with Chris over these past several months. I appreciate so much your faithfulness, mercy, and patience extended to our son.

Over the years that we have had Chris in our family, we have had to learn not to look at the temporary or short term results of our helping him, but rather trust that God will ultimately use the seeds we’ve planted in his life to bring the changes we long to see and that Chris needs so desperately to survive.
You are a blessing to him and to us.



Kirby is doing well. Court proceedings are complete. He is on a 10 year suspended sentence with continued counseling. He has stayed in touch with a few of the men down there that he became friends with. He has adjusted well and is currently talking with several places about employment. We continue to keep New Name in our prayers and thank you again for all you did with Kirby. His life has truly changed since his time there.




Jon & Cynthia,


You have loved Chris like your own son & you have come to see & understand things about him that no one else has taken the time or care to do… We know you love him and also want to wring his neck like we do - BUT you went way past the distance with him & we thank you both so much!


You cannot imagine how you ministered to Chris AND to us by sharing our love and concern for him. I know you feel that same mixture of grief & relief at his leaving the program that we have felt many times but we want to encourage you as we have encouraged ourselves – that Chris made it OK for about 7 months & that is the best he’s done since about age 13 – so this ‘is’ a blessing & he had every help, support and love possible at this time but Chris chose to “do his own thing & go out on the streets.” It’s our prayer that someday he will choose to stay stable & make it all the way!


Please thank everyone for us – the other John’s & their wives, Billy, Wayne, David, Joshua & all the guys at the house. We want to stay in touch & monthly support your ministry. Also anytime I can write a letter or speak for 1st Stone anywhere I’ll gladly help. Chris ‘is’ not exactly a “success” story – he is ‘a testimony’ of your ministry & caring!!


We will be in touch – much love,



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