Community Safe Residential Reentry
Community Safe Residential Reentry
New Name Ministries Community Safe Residential Reentry & The Last Resort Academy
New Name Ministries Community Safe Residential Reentry  &   The Last Resort Academy

A 'Frightening ' Myth About Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders and the Church


Services Offered

Residential Reentry

There is no sinner beyond God’s ability to redeem, renew, restore and regenerate!

New Name Ministries is a non-denominational Christian aftercare established for helping former offenders reentering society from prison to pursue trasformation into the person God has intended them to be. We offer assistance in job placement, life skills, mentoring accountability and building healthy relationships. Men are required to maintain a full-time job, attend various classes and activities throughout the week and reimburse expenses averaging $125 per week. They learn to budget their money to ensure they save enough to become self-sufficient by the end of their stay.

At New Name Ministries, we minister to the whole person as they become Christ-centered, learning to live honorably and become distributors of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Their length of stay is open-ended with a minimum of a one year commitment.
  • Anyone interested in New Name Ministries must review and respond to our pre-application letter prior to receiving our application.
  • Applicants who are accepted must have their funding in place before they enter the program*.
  • We can only receive new guests if we have vacancies.
  • There is no waiting list.
  • We pay special attention to the applicant’s spiritual condition and commitment as well as their personal goals.
  • New Name Ministries is not a halfway house - Jesus doesn’t do things halfway.
  • We offer the opportunity for men 25 – 65* years old seeking God to have a home and a family in Christ.

* Room for consideration

The Application Request Form is here.

Educational Presentations & Consulting

For nearly two decades Jon Cordeiro, a former sex offender himself, has successfully applied to his life the knowledge presented through sex offender treatment and the wisdom available through the Word of God. In 2005, he opened his first sex offender only reentry facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Soon after, he began providing thought provoking Sex Offender Sense presentations nationally, revealing the truth about the numerous “myth-understandings” that have permeated our society’s beliefs.


Ordained through Apostolic Servant Ministries of Texas, Jon has also worked with churches and ministries providing Sex Offender in the Church educational presentations to leadership and staff along with policy and procedure consultations for integrating registrants in to the church.


In March of 2012, Jon and his former ministry Program Coordinator John “Bay” Haralson published Unprecedented – How Sex Offender Laws Are Impacting Our Nation. Unprecedented has been strongly endorsed as “a must reading for anyone interested in these vitally important public health and criminal justice issues” by Dr. Fred Berlin, M.D., PH.D. as well as being sighted as “a real eye opener” by Executive Director Mary Sue Mulnar of Texas Voices for Reason and Justice. This unique book represents thousands of hours of research and development to serve layman and lawmaker alike with reliable and verifiable information.


Jon has appeared in numerous news clips and radio shows related to sex offender issues and also testified in court as an expert in sex offender reentry.


To arrange for a custom-designed presentation or consultation, click here.


In-Prison Reentry Outreach

Jon Cordeiro, founder and national director of New Name Ministries, is available for presentations concerning safe reentry for former sex offenders preparing to transition back to society. One popular reentry theory cites that successful reintegration efforts are best started while inmates are still incarcerated. Thus, New Name works with and supports in-prison therapy and other efforts before release.


Mr. Cordeiro is a successful twenty-year veteran of the system, including registration, and has pioneered Christian residential reentry for former sex offenders since 2004. He presents in a straightforward style and packs his talks with practical insights from real life experiences. His encouraging messages can be a game-changer for those facing the unknowns of reentry and registration and/or for those helping them.

Mr. Cordeiro advocates group treatment that promotes accountability and responsibility while effectively equipping former sex offenders for future offense-free living. A successful graduate of Supervised Community Treatment of Portland, Maine, Mr. Cordeiro empathizes with the struggles and rewards associated with treatment as individuals become real with themselves and others while becoming set free from the past.

Mr. Cordeiro has been pioneering community-safe residential reentry for former sex offenders since 2004. He is a graduate of the Victory Bible Training Institute of Massachusetts and is ordained by Apostolic Servant Ministries of Texas. He has been married for 19 years and has one grown daughter. He enjoys the outdoors, biking, downhill skiing and anything on the water.

Customized presentations are available. Please contact us to discuss various options for outreach initiatives.

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